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The Best Darn Twist Out Of My Life (A Hair Lounge Salon Review)

Friday the 13th of June 2014 will forever remain the day that I got the best twist out of my natural hair journey thus far.


Having been Natural for just over two years, I have done my fair share of twist outs and braid outs that were ruined by untwisting them too much, my hand in hair syndrome and just straight up dryness of my hair. However, this time around my twist out had the best definition, it has ever had.

With a short holiday break right around the corner, I decided I would go to a hair salon (another first in my natural hair journey) and get my hair coloured professionally to give my hair a little va-va-voom. I decided on the award winning salon Hair Lounge as it is literally within walking distance of my house.

After a conversation with salon owner Charlotte Mensah I agreed on a colour consultation. I was seated with one of the stylists named, . We spoke about the colour I previously had in my hair and my henna treatments and how they will affect my desired brown/blonde highlights and ultimately leave me with pink hair. I then decided to have a hair treatment instead as I continue to grow out my hair and postpone the dye until my hair is at its strongest again.

At this point I was taken to get my hair detangled and washed by a lovely stylist named Patience who really took her time with my hair and made sure not to pull my hair in any way as she combed it and shampooed it. It felt like heaven. After shampooing, I got Charlotte’s bespoke Shea Butter Hair Treatment smoothed and massaged throughout the length of my hair and my scalp. I could have fallen asleep at that shampoo basin and it would have been alright with me. After the massage my hair was wrapped and I sat under the drier for 30 minutes before it was rinsed out.

Once that was all done my hair was blow-dried and then trimmed by Charlotte herself. She decided that trimming my hair into a shape would give it a better look as it grows out and I couldn’t have agreed more. With me being so scissor happy I can say I’m not shy of a good cut, but I have never had a shape to my cuts and I must say that it definitely makes a difference to my styling results.

As my hair was being twisted I paid attention to the stylist’s technique. Since my hair was dry and straight from the blow-dry, she spritzed water into sections of my hair with water and distributed a Kercare curling cream throughout those same sections as she twisted my hair into little twists and bantu knots. After another 30 minutes under the dryer to set the twists, my hair was left looking shiny and healthy. The unravelled twists were slick and smooth without any frizz. I was very satisfied.

I believe the combination of the deep conditioning treatment, a proper trim, well moisturised hair, neat twists and properly dried hair made this twist out awesome.

My salon experience gets 5 out of 5 Afro Picks and my Twist out gets 10 gold stars!

What’s your best Twist Out technique?


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