5 Winter Skin Savers


I don’t think I’ve come across anyone these past few weeks who hasn’t complained about the winter weather causing dryness in their skin, especially working in the field of health and beauty.

I’ve recently fallen in love with salt scrubs.Before this I would find that salt scrubs tend to leave a slight stinging feeling on my skin, so I usually stick to sugar scrubs. The wonderful benefits of using a salt scrub are that they reduce dry, rough skin and removes layers of excess dead skin. The downside is that unlike a sugar scrub it falls off the skin once scrub and doesn’t stick to the skin allowing the oils to penetrate the skin.

Since I’m a product junkie and I love trying new things it’s only right that I share some of my favourite body scrubs.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Seaweed Salt Scrub



This is the body scrub that got me into salt scrubs. This is a detoxifying scrub with a Kaolin and Bentonite base and blend of Black Pepper, Ginger or Grapefruit essential oils and miner-rich seaweed that tone and stimulate the skin. This works wonders after a great workout and especially bouncing back after a cold.

Seaweed Salt Scrub retails at £17.50

Rituals Hammam Hot Scrub

hammam hot scrub


This is another stimulating scrub that has a blend of purifying Sea Salt, refreshing Eucalyptus and warming Ginger that keeps the skin feeling fresh. The scrub leaves my skin feeling exceptionally soft while also leaving a warming feeling that immediately wakes you up, boosts your mood and eliminates tiredness.

Tip: If you’re worried about this scrub falling off your skin too easily and losing a lot of product I recommend using this scrub with the Hammam Olive Secret Shower Paste alongside it. Scoop some of the scrub and mix it with the paste in your hands. Not only will it leave your skin super moisturised but it will also allow for easier rinsing of the scrub. You’ll thank me later x

Scrub retails at £19.50 and Shower Paste retails at £8.50

Lush Buffy

lush buffy


If you’re not too fond of salt scrub, I’ve got you covered. The Buffy is an amazing solid body scrub made of Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter to moisturise the skin. Ground Rice, Almonds and Adzuki Beans to gently polish and rid the skin of dead skin cells and soothing and conditioning Lavender Oil. This all-in-one bar has been a staple beauty product for me for years and has never failed me yet. No matter the season, no matter the weather.

Buffy retails at £11.45 for 200g or £6.50 for 90g


Mary Kay Satin Hands Scrub Unfragranced/ Peach/ Honey Dew


Although this scrub was made specifically for the hands, I have used this on my body for as long as I was introduced to it. Before I used any other scrub I used this one and it was and still is a refreshing all over body scrub. Right now Mary Kay are selling a brand new limited edition Pomegranate Satin Hands Set for Christmas. Although it isn’t as natural as the other scrubs on my list, it is Dermatologist-tested and a quick and easy go-to that is very effective.

The Satin Hands Set (includes Scrub, hand softener and hand lotion) retails at £32

DIY Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub

If in doubt you can always create your own. My go-to scrub to  create whenever I feel like dabbling in a little DIY is my brown sugar scrub. It’s mixed with Almond Oil and Peppermint essential oil. I have used this as a scalp scrub (leave a comment if you would like for me to go into more detail about scalp scrubs). It leaves my scalp and skin undeniably smooth and I love the smell of sweet peppermint that it leaves on my skin. It can be a bit sticky when mixed with water, however, it is a lot gentler than salt and great for those with sensitive skin because it’s easily dissolved in warm water making it less abrasive.

What are some of your favourite body scrubs? What do you like to use to treat your skin during cold months?


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