Glowwbox Natural Treats


I’ve been subscribed to Glowwbox’s monthly beauty box for a few months now.I can honestly say that I enjoy receiving my box every month and get excited to find the beauty brands that have products in store for me to explore.

Glowwbox has been around since 2013 and have given their word to make beauty shopping easier, better and more luxurious for women of darker skin tones and create a destination where women of colour can discover and experience the best in beauty.

So far I have loved what I’ve seen with them.Of course there are products I recieve that I don’t always use or care much for. However, Glowwbox really got it right for me with this November all natural box.

Ever since I went natural with my hair, I’ve tried to make a conscious effort wherever possible to use natural products on my hair and skin and lead an overall healthier lifestyle. Sometimes it’s difficult to trust brands and their “all natural” packaging and promises. I think it’s awesome that Glowwbox put together this box and made it a little easier for people like me to know which direction to go in to, as well as explore different natural brands that cater to my needs.

My box consists of a sample of Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Lavera Trend Natural Lip Gloss, a sample of Nourish Argan and Kale Anti-Ageing Hand Cream, BellaPierre Mineral Shimmer Powder Eye Shadow, a 50ml Sample bottle of Sheado Tropical Juice Detangler & Scalp Stimulator.

Since opening my box I have used the Weleda shampoo and conditioner. I thought it was nice, it did the job. My hair felt soft and fresh after use however, because I have other products that do a better job at giving me the results I want, it’s not something I will be rushing out to the shop to buy. I am still interested in using the shampoo and conditioner again and will probably purchase them if I ever come across them and keep them as a emergency product maybe for holidays or gym bag as I do like the way it made my hair look and feel.

I also tried the small sample pot of the Nourish Argan and Kale Hand Cream. Another product that did the job and kept my hands smooth. It didn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable. It also had a nice subtle fragrance.

So far I’m loving the Scalp Stimulator and Detangler, the Eye Shadow and the Lip Gloss. I’ve been using all three consistently.

I now look forward to the December Party Box that I have been notified via my email this morning is on its way to me.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the beauty box check out the Glowwbox website


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