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Big Hair Beauty Products Review

As promised I’m back with a full review of all the products I got from UK based natural hair care brand, Big Hair Beauty.

I was extremely excited about trying these products after seeing and hearing so much support and love for the company all over my Instagram. Having tried them I can honestly say that I am in love.

With this year’s winter air feeling a lot drier and chillier than I can remember, more moisture is what I need. I have noticed that my hair is breaking a little. Although, I’m familiar with a certain amount of breakage in my hair I want to make sure than my hair doesn’t start to break any more than usual. So, I’ve been doing my best to give my hair some extra TLC. The Big Hair Beauty products have really helped me give my hair a much needed moisture boost.

Starting with the Soft Curls Conditioner. To say that I absolutely love it is an understatement. I have officially run out of this product and need to place an order for some more. I’m not going to lie, when I first started using the conditioner as a co-wash I was a bit skeptical. It was very light and I’m used to my thick creamy conditioners. Especially since I am someone who associates cleansing with foaming. However, once this conditioner began to run out I began to love it more and realised how soft and refreshed it left my hair feeling. Classic case of “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

The conditioner, which can be used as a co-wash or a wash out conditioner, has a light orange colour and a pure Aloe Vera Gel type of texture and consistency.It smoothes through the hair very easily and has a very delicate sweet orange scent that is most notable when rinsing it out of your hair and when the hair is completely dried.

I used the Leave-In Moisturising Milk straight after co-washing as a leave-in conditioner. I love the way it makes my hair feel, so much so that I even use it at night to moisturise and seal my hair before bed. This product also has that same sweet orange scent. It also has a light consistency that makes it easy to smooth through the hair without having to use much product. Although I know that my hair is still in a very short TWA stage, I’ve always had to use more than a dime size amount to really moisturise my hair’s dry tendancies. Even with this product I use more or a half a palm size but I find that it’s all I need.

I then seal with the Moisture Me Whipped Butter. I found with this product that I wasn’t so much of a fan of it’s thick buttery consistency, which was odd for me as I’m a huge fan of sealing with Shea Butter. However, after using it a couple of times I found myself hooked to the way it locked the moisture and shine in my hair and left it feeling silky smooth throughout the day. I found that this product worked best on my hair when my hair was still damp from the leave in conditioner.

The product I wish I used more is the Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment as I’m a huge fan of using Rhassoul Mud in my hair as a conditioning treatment. The 2 times that I have used it I notice that it gave my hair great definition and shine and my hair felt soft and moisturised for days before my next co-wash. So I would only use water every morning to reactivate the product in my hair.

All the products work great in giving my hair shine and definition. They all have very light, fresh fragrances that linger in the hair in a subtle way. They also leave my hair soft to the touch and visibly vibrant. I feel like the whipped butter would work great as a twist/twist-out styling cream so I can’t wait for my hair to gain more length as I can see juicy twists in my horizon.

Of all of the products, I enjoy the Moisturising Milk the most as it’s the most practical for me. However, all in all I love how well the products work together and individually. They definitely serve their purpose in doing what they say they will do. I have officially finished the conditioner and I’m dreading the day that I finish the leave-in conditioner. There’s something about good products that make you wish they were bottomless.


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