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Hairfinity 1 Month Update


The 16th January marks one month since I cut my hair and it’s also the day I started my second bottle of Hairfinity and I can definitely see the growth. Being that this is the shortest I’ve ever cut my hair it felt like it was taking forever to start growing again. But I can see that it was just my impatience.

So far I have experienced just a couple of break outs but not enough to be a real cause for concern. I have started increasing my water in take in my goal to keep myself properly hydrated and rid my body of toxins in the purest way possible.

I wasn’t always on the job with taking the supplements so I missed a few days and making me take longer to finish the first bottle. I have now been keeping this second bottle in a more visible place which had so far been allowing me to take the supplements in the morning before or after breakfast.

I’ll be taking more pictures from here on out to be able to monitor my hair growth. I’ve also decided to try out Manetabloism Hair Vitamins once I’m done with my Hairfinity to compare to two.

Have you tried any Hair Vitamins?

What were your results?

Are you taking any now?

How are you finding them?


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