#MakeUpMondays: Mary Kay CC Cream

As the weather is gradually getting better, it seems the harsh cold weather will soon be a distant memory. However, now that there is still a chill in the air I think it’s still a great time to share the product that has been a great winter skin saver for me.

I started using it as a way to cut down time with my beauty routine in the mornings.  On first application I wasn’t a big fan because it felt somewhat sticky to me. But after a few more tries I found it smoothed into my skin effortlessly. It kept my skin looking dewy and fresh while also locking in lots of moisture in my skin. It feels like a tinted moisturiser.

This product boasts an amazing 8 benefits


Although I don’t necessarily need to start with a primer and the CC Cream has everything in one, I still start off with one for that flawless finish.

The CC Cream comes in 4 shades that blend with a number of skin shades.
I usually mix

I use medium deep and deep

I use Medium Deep and Deep

You can see the lovely creamy consistency

You can see how creamy it looks

I blend the two shades together

I blend the two shades together to get a shade that will blend into my skin tone effortlessly to give a very natural look.

Spread it in the different areas of my fave and blend

I spread the CC cream unto the different areas of my face.

Here is what it looks like all blended in

You can see how natural it looks but still and how well it blends.

Do you use any CC or BB creams that give you great coverage throughout the day?

What are some of your favourite BB or CC creams?
Feel free to recommend some as I love trying new products.


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