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Monday Motivation: Reviewing your goals


The year is already well spent as we creep into the second half of the year. At the beginning of the year I bought a goals diary with hopes of keeping track on all the targets I set myself for the year, so far so good. However, I do feel that I could be doing a better job of keeping up with everything I want to do on a more consistent basis. With that being said, I had a chance to sit and reflect on all I have gone through and achieved this year so far as a way to re-focus and make sure I finish the year strong.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your eyes on the prize.

  1. It’s time for a breakdown

Sometimes we can get so carried away with life that we lose sight of the ‘why?’ of our goals. One thing leads to another and then to another and we get so frustrated with negative outcomes that we miss the fact that we may have completely missed the point of what we want and why we want it.

Write out a success ladder for yourself; write a different ladder for different goals like professional, personal and financial for example. Write out your main goal and underneath it write out how you plan to achieve that goal and under that write out how you plan to reach that target.

For example if your goal is to have healthier hair this year, your plan to achieve that goal may be to create a hair regimen for yourself and your plan to achieve this may be to research on the best products for your hair care needs and your plan to achieve that may be to clearly identify what your hair needs. From there you will understand why it’s important for you to go thought your hair regimen on days when you feel frustrated or tired.

  1. No need to reset, just refresh

Starting over is sometimes the easy way, it’s just like giving up when you’ll have to reach that same point again.

Two of my major goals this year was to be consistent with blogging and start making healthier decisions regarding my hair and overall health. I have found that I’ve been consistent with taking care of my hair, including washing, conditioning and moisturising daily. However, I haven’t been able to stick to drinking as much water daily as I would like to and I still find myself reaching for all my favourite fast food and junk foods. In the past I would beat myself up about it, but I’m realising lately that the more understanding I am of myself the better I make it to start again the next day with better results. With regards to my blogging, I haven’t made the time I wanted to ensure reach my personal goal for the year. The remedy for this won’t be for me to make an entire new blog, but to dedicate time every week to write out posts on what I want to discuss.

You can’t keep quitting and starting from the beginning or else you’ll never make it past the starting line.

The road to success is filled with stumbling blocks at times and when things don’t go according to plan you don’t have to go back to the starting line, you can just take a deep breath, take a few steps back and find a way to jump the hurdle.

  1. Visualise your goals

Seeing the bigger picture of your goals is a great way to motivate yourself to continue to persevere and push forward when you feel like you’ve lost your way.

Vision boards are great ways to help you see where it is you’re heading to. Whether it be a Pinterest board filled with luscious fros or a poster on your wall filled with pictures of your dream office or holiday destinations, see it and believe it for yourself.

  1. Keep reminders around you

You can set reminders on your phone of steps that you have decided to take to further your journey to reaching your goal along with deadlines. You can even take a flattering picture of your vision board and use it as your phone wallpaper or screensaver. Whatever you do keep little reminders around to keep you focused.

  1. Take your setback as a lesson

Nothing in life is perfect. As much as has been said about staying focused and reminding yourself of what you want and why you want it, you can’t obsess over every little thing. When things go wrong take it as a lesson and not defeat. Remember that every failure is a chance to learn a better way of doing something. So dust yourself off and hold your head high, whatever you’re striving for you’ll get it as long as you’re determined.



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