Texture Discrimination in the natural commmunity

If you don’t know blogger/vlogger Rachy of UKAfrolista (formerly UK Naturals) then you ought to get to know. I love watching her videos as she raises some interesting discussions from problems with the media, the black community and the natural hair community. I don’t always agree with everything she says but that’s part of what I love. Rachy keeps it real. If you’re ever looking for more than hair as the topic of conversation, Rachy is the one to follow.

She posted a video on texture discrimination and sisterhood in the natural community and everything she said wasn’t new, however it was very interesting and thought provoking.


Instead of going on a mini rant on the topic I’ll just share my comment that I left of the video:

Going off what the first commenter said, There is nothing wrong with having a preference. By all means that is your perogative and no one can take it from you. But the problem at hand is that your preference shouldn’t mean that everything else isn’t good enough. The thing about texture discrimination is that the world and white media won’t out right tell us that we aren’t beautiful the way we are but they will use words, phrases and images that signify that we need to change to be just like them. Now when we as a community do it to each other by celebrating images of looser curls and accepting back handed compliments and therefore not encouraging or celebrating the variety and versatility of afro hair then we become part of the problem. You can love 3c hair and celebrate it while also celebrating kinkier textures. I’m sure there are a lot of naturals who once they saw they had a looser texture secretly thanked God that it wasn’t 4c. Loving your neighbour doesn’t mean you love yourself any less and letting your sister shine doesn’t dim your light. A lot of the problem is self love and a lot of our natural sisters not seeing the glory in their crown and not being content and satisfied with what God had blessed them with. My texture is 4b/4c and it’s annoying to say the least that kinkier textures are only celebrated when styled in curls. Variety is the spice of life and we need to start seeing more variety. I know I don’t have the solution but I hope I can be a part of the solution by showing off my kinky hair to the world with pride.

What are your thoughts?


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