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Motions for Natural Textures


I received full sizes of the Motions for Natural Textures Moisturising Cleanser and Deep Conditioning Masque in my December 2014 Glowwbox.

These two products were unexpected favourites because I haven’t used Motions since my relaxer days.


Although I am making a conscious decision to use more natural products, I still couldn’t ignore the opportunity to try a the classic brand’s revamped products that cater to my hair type. With that said I was pleasantly surprised at how well the cleanser left my hair feeling soft and moisturised and detangled. Having had my fair share of so called “moisturising shampoos” that don’t quite hit the mark, I’m satisfied with the effectiveness of the product.So much so that I use this cleanser every week as my go-to shampoo.


The Masque is designed to go hand in hand with the cleanser and that’s exactly how I’ve been using it. I leave it in my freshly washed hair for 10 minutes using my Hot Head Conditioning Cap. I find that it locks in moisture in my hair for a couple of days before I usually co-wash my hair to refresh it.

I can see myself still using the cleanser well after the masque is finished as I always feel like I can find a better deep conditioner (It’s the product junkie in me lol). However, I do like the smooth consistency of the masque and how easily it distributes through my hair and how soft and shiny it leaves my hair.

,Motions definitely gets top marks all around for these two lovely products.


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