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Monday Motivation: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Now that we’re half way through the month, I took a day to review my performance of the execution of my June Action Plan. With any new changes that one would make in an attempt to live a more disciplined and organised life I have faced a few hiccups therefore teaching me more about myself.

For example, going to bed every night at 10 pm and waking up at 6 am means I have to completely switch off and put my phone away and allow myself to slow down, unwind and rest. What I have learned in trying to do this is that I, like many others around the world, am completely addicted to my phone. With what can be described as my whole life on my phone, at times it feels almost impossible for me to put my phone down. With every attempt thoughts begin to run through my mind of what I may be missing as the world keeps moving on social media. When one part of the world is asleep the other part is sharing the latest video or meme that will turn into a viral sensation by the time we’re awake again.

Then nights that I was actually able to switch my phone and my mind off I mentally prepared myself for it hours before. I had to tell myself that I wasn’t missing anything that would ultimately be productive towards taking action to creating things that I will gain knowledge to create a stream of income. The things I feel I’m missing out on are in fact the things that distract me and keep me from being the beauty, lifestyle, media,curator, mogul, entrepreneur that I really want to be.

With that being said,  there are things on my June Action Plan that come effortlessly to me such as deep conditioning my hair 2x a week, reading my books, being more mindful of what I eat and drinking 2 litres of water everyday. I have found that this is mainly due to the fact that I can see the end goal in mind for all these thing. All of which being long, healthy, luscious hair, a growing wealth of knowledge to help me reach my entrepreneurial goals and a flat stomach, clearer skin and a healthier lifestyle. Even though I fall short of these things from time to time due to feeling lazy or distracting myself with other things, but I can always bring myself back in line because I have set daily water drinking goals for myself to drink 4 glasses/ 1.5 litres of water before 12 pm if not the full 2 litres as a way to stay hydrated and ahead of my goal. I also set weekly goals to wash my hair on Wednesdays and Fridays to make sure I deep condition my hair. Then as a result of drinking so much water I have been more thoughtful with my meals making sure that even if I don’t plan my meal I plan what I will buy to eat at the beginning of the day as not to be tempted to eat junk.

In order for me to completely switch off and go to bed at 10 pm to wake up at 6 am I need to remind myself that the purpose of this is for me to get sufficient rest and allow me to wake up and give myself the time I need to fuel my day for productivity. So me not picking up my phone first thing in the morning allows me to mediate, talk to God, read my bible, say affirmations and get things done that will take me a step closer to my goals before pouring my time and efforts into other people’s lives and businesses. I definitely believe that you can’t give your best to others without first giving your best to yourself.

Planning ahead allows one the opportunity of having a set guideline to take action. So far this month I have learned the meaning of if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You can’t walk around saying or thinking of all the things you want to do with no real plans to make them a reality. Furthermore, There will be times when our plans will need plans. At the beginning of the month I made plans without thinking about how much of a drastic change it will be for me, I now have to break my plans down by:

1.) Putting my phone down an hour before bed time to switch my mind off.

2.) Plan my days the night before in order to start the day off as productively as I would like it to be.

3.) Sit up once my alarm goes off in the morning to signify the start of the day.

4.) Set aside time every Sunday to plan and prepare for the week ahead. This includes meals, workouts, work agenda, work clothes and the time I will spend day to day putting in work for my entrepreneurial goals.

How do you plan for success?


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