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I dyed my hair!


The first time I cut my hair to wear it natural 3 years ago I dyed it red the very same day and I loved it. a year after that I refreshed the red colour using Garnier Olia (I can’t remember the exact shade) and I continued to love it. A year after that I got tired of caring for my hair with the colour in it and cut most of it out. I enjoyed wearing my hair natural without any chemical alteration, that was until I got heat damage and chopped of my hair from the scalp.

Now that I’m really growing my hair out to maximum lengths, something I have always loved and wanted is highlights. After consulting a hair stylist and explaining what my vision for my hair was I was told that dying my hair one colour if I want to grow my hair out wouldn’t be a good idea, and a full head of highlights would cost me £193 to do. With me now taking my budgeting more seriously, that price was a no-no. With the information I had been researching online and the consultation I had I decided to buy a box colour and do it myself. I have been wanting to lighten my hair to a shade brown and was inspired by the following images:

Initially I was going to use the Ganrier Olia range to dye my hair but since I couldn’t find a shade close enough to the ones I wanted in any of the Boots stores I went to I ended up going for Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Conditioning Colour in Rich Auburn.

It was quick and easy as I just followed the step by step instructions. It took me around an hour from start to finish and I really like the way the colour came out. I haven’t experienced any breakage and I noticed my hair was really soft after everything and maintained that softness since then. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on that and doing my best to keep my hair soft, well detangled and well moisturised by deep conditioning 2x a week as planned and continuing to maintain a protein-moisture balance. Maintaining coloured hair is something that will take extra work, but I’m finally in the right frame of mind to take good care of my hair while it’s dyed.

The great thing that came out of my consultation is the idea of having a full head of highlights. I plan to maintain the colour and once my hair is a huge fro I can get my highlights. I will also continue to research and practice dying my hair safely because although I am not a trained and licensed hair stylist I have also loved to be able to do my own hair as safely as possible. I personally always advise to see a professional for things as technical as colouring but I know that everyone doesn’t have the finances right away to get what they want done professionally. However, be sure to research, ask questions, get advise from as many professionals as possible and be careful.




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