Monday Motivation: Taking A Step Back

As we breeze through the month of August, I can’t help but think of all the things this year has shown me about myself so far.  Sometimes time can go by so quickly that we never take a break to appreciate where we’ve come from and prepare ourselves for where we are headed to.

As I write this blog post I’m sitting in my hotel room in the beautiful Jumeirah Beach Residency in Dubai.

Naturally I’m someone that tends to critically think of my life and put things into perspective. This year I told myself I would put myself out there more, networks more and be confident in what I bring to the table. Having studied Journalism up to masters level and knowing that I want to work within my profession either on radio or on television, I still find it difficult to decide what exactly my niche is and what subject matter I will focus on between entertainment/ pop culture and health & beauty.

I decided to become more concious of the type of content I produced on my blog and contributed to on other people’s platforms. In doing this, I was able to gain two internships between April and now. One with a curly hair care brand and the other with a boutique PR Company.

Both internships were promising and lasted 3 months each. However, the one with the hair brand didn’t go too well due to minor mistakes I made and miscommunication and the PR Company one ended after a month due to unforseen circumstances that forced me to take a step back.

I can honestly say I learned some valuable lessons about my strengths and weakness during my time at both internships. Most lessons to do with completing tasks in the way that I have been asked to and staying in top on communication. These things that I haven’t been able to fully admit to until after I had taken a step back.

I find that I don’t have a problem getting the job and I have a lot of ideas to contribute. I also know that I have all the passion and motivation I need to take on any task, however consistency and competence is absolutely important when working for someone.

During my month long period of working with the PR Company I realised that I had applied the lessons I learned about competency to everything I did and made sure I stayed on tip of things. However juggling my part time job with trying to meet the needs of being in the office 3 days a week and things happening in my private life just didn’t mix well.  It became difficult to meet the criteria of the PR internship.

I felt like it was pulled away from me too soon as I was really enjoying the work I was doing (which happened to be hair beauty related as well as lifestyle, fashion and health). I also enjoyed the busyness and the fact that no two days were the same. My biggest consolation is that I can re – apply sometime soon and start again.

However, I didn’t realise how much I needed this step back until I was faced with it. Sometimes our pride won’t let us stop while we are full speed ahead even if the load is too heavy for us to carry. What could have caused me a break down along the way was taken from me before it could get to that point. With all my sleepless nights getting work done to make up for time I wasn’t spending in the office because it clashed with my part time job I probably would have collapsed from sleep deprivation (I’m not about that no sleep life).

I say all this to say, there is no shame in a setback if you are learning from it. You’ll be surprised at how much that lesson can prepare you for the next step ahead. For me,the reward of my set back means I can enjoy my family holiday and fully enjoy this amazing experience without any pressure to complete PR tasks that will block me from getting the relaxation I need. I can now go back to London recharged and refreshed and ready to continue to network and put myself out there to receive the opportunities that are mine. Not only that but put my best foot forward and apply all the lessons I’ve learned along the way to yield better results and relationships with the bosses I meet along the way.


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