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Since I’ve been gone

It’s been a while but I’m back!

With all my posts on motivation I figured I’d put some walk with my talk and take my own advice. I realised I was losing focus of my goals and let myself go in many ways and when it comes to blogging you obviously need to have things to blog about. I’m glad to say that my time away has allowed me to realign my dreams with my focus and I have things to share with you all.

I’ll keep sticking to sharing what I know, what I’m going through and what I’m learning. With that being said I’m happy to share that I’m currently 12 weeks post-partum. Yes that right I’ve joined the yummy mummy club. So I’ll be sharing the adventures of me and my little princess.
Over a year ago I documented my second low cut big chop due to heat damage and my hair has grown lots since then even with the 3 diy trims I gave myself in between now and then. As of right now I’ve cut all but less than half and inch of the colour out of my hair from my diy colour job. 

I also had the amazing opportunity to have a makeover courtesy of the amazing Andree Marie back in January. You can check out the footage here

So far since wearing my hair natural she has straightened my hair the best and I’ll be documenting my question to duplicate it.

I’ll try my best to document as much of life’s happenings and I’m looking forward to making good use of all the time and opportunity I have in between feeds and naps.


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