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Flashback Friday: Julius Agwu’s Crack Ya Ribs

Summer ’16 has been such an eventful one, from birthday parties to weddings to BBQs and not to mention the consistent luxurious sunshine we’ve enjoyed in the UK (can you believe it wasn’t raining on carnival weekend?), I’ve absolutely loved it. 

In this part of the world we kiss summer goodbye during the last August Bank holiday. It’s the time of the year where we go crazy and enjoy the last part of the summer holidays just before we go back to work/school/uni and welcome autumn back into our lives. 

I had the pleasure of rounding out my summer with veteran Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu’s now famous yearly ‘Crack Ya Ribs’ comedy show.

Unfortunately Julius was hospitalised during that weekend and missed the show. (It’s been reported that he’s doing fine now but prayers are still going up for good health). Another star that was missing in action was ‘osinachi’ singer HumbleSmith. He was advertised to be there but pulled out of the show a week prior for unknown reasons. 

However the show must go on and go on it did (even with it’s many delays and glitches).

The show started at 8pm despite its advertised 6pm start. With the huge line up it was obvious that things wouldn’t go as planned.

The opening host (there were quite a few on the night) Soldier boy (no not the rapper) seemed to struggle to pull the show together with obvious sideline distractions while the DJ handled business during what came across as unscheduled breaks.

As with all the Nigerian events that take place in the UK, the night played host to a plethora of upcoming uk afro(insert genre here) artists such as Efosa, who managed to wake the audience up with his catchy songs including Papaja neatly packages with smooth song transitions, great stage presence and choreography. Efosa official. Well deserved cheers from his fan club in the upper seating area.

We also had to sit through lack lustre performances by Mythinc, Chi Qutie, Cool H, DTM & Uzoma and Tevin, as well as social media comedy sensation Klinton Kod.

Stand out music performances were Humphrey da legend, a dancer that grabbed the audiences attention with theatrics, sound effects, interesting song choices and polished dance routine, Ike chuks whose set was cut short and finished off his catchy “Man Down” track a capella with the audience singing along.And finally the legend that is Majek Fashek who performed a couple classic hits but I will reserve further comment on the quality of the performance.

In the middle of fhe show Soldier boy introduced Buchi as the host. This was the best decision of the night as Buchi is actually rib crackingly funny and kept the show lively. 

Ade Yinka the 1st and Yaw were also introduced on stage and landed their support as hosts as they announced Julius Agwu was in a hospital bed. #prayforjulius.

Despite the obvious lack of formation due to Julius’ sudden hospitalisation there were some great stand out comedians of the night alongside Buchi, including Xtreme, MC PC, Kenny Blaq, Seyi Brown and Emma oh my God who received a standing ovation by the way.

However, as i mentioned in the beginning of the post, it was obvious with the late start somethings would go wrong. Gordons who the crowd anticipated at the edge of their seats sis the get to perform but instead only introduced Majek Fashek to round up the show.

All in all i give the show 2.5 out of 5 stars just off the strength of the performers who came out with their A game despite the lack of enthusiasm. There were also some awesome people in the building supporting and showing love to the now legendary bank holiday weekend event including, boxer Chris Eubank Jr. and Veteran comedian Ali Baba.

On a serious note the ACLT gave a speech and gathered donations for a worthy cause. Check out this link to find out more about how you can help save lives by getting on the UK stem cell ( bone marrow), blood and organ donor registers.


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