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Mahogany Naturals Initial Review

I’ve been wearing my natural hair for over 4 years now, so you can just imagine the different natural hair brands I’ve tried and how much of a product junkie I must be. 
I love watching and reading product reviews and trying new things to see how my hair responds to different types of products. Over the course of my healthy hair journey I’ve come across Mahogany Naturals products  countless times and I can guarantee that you’d be hard pressed to find a bad review of their products.

So when I noticed a post on their Instagram page over a month ago of their cheeky little one day sale of everything at 50% off, I was excited to be able to jump at the opportunity. 

I purchased the Brazilian Butter Damage Reverse Treatment, Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo, Daily Moisturising Leave In Treatment and the Hair Growth and Thickening Elixir.

I chose the products that could follow the basic pattern of my hair routine. Also now with my postpartum hair needing extra TLC, I selected what would promote my healthiest hair.

For the past couple of years I’ve been longing to try the Damage Reverse Treatment. After using it twice so far I can say I’m far from disappointed. It has left my hair feeling soft like butter and the smell is so tropical a refreshing.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo caught my eye due to it being completely lather free as well as being sulfate free. It was interesting using it at first because when it says lather free it means lather free. Other shampoos I’ve used in the past that claim to have no lather tend to be creamy but this product feels light and runny but very smooth on the Hair. Not I’m a build up kind of way but more of a water type of smooth. It left my hair very soft and very clean, but will still take some getting used to.

Having gotten to know own my hair over the years I knew that I needed a spray detangler as they work best for me. Leaving my hair feeling moisturised but not weighed down. I’ve used the Daily leave in moisturising spray twice now. Once after shampooing and conditioning before using a cream and oil to seal in moisture and second to detangler my hair before shampooing and I loved it both ways.

Now the Thickening Elixir I have only used once. I like that it is watery and light despite all the lovely oils blended into it. 

It doesn’t leave build up on my scalp, so I’m looking forward to using it some more. 

I intend to give the products a purchased a full trail consistently for a month (or at least until they all run out) and I’ll be back with a full review on my thoughts. I already have an idea of what my favourites are but after my upcoming salon visit to trim off my dead ends I will have a better idea of what the products do to my hair and how effective they are.


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