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Wash day breakdowns 

I can’t think of a week that goes by without me being asked what I do with my hair to make it curly, or what I do to make it shiny or soft or how do I manage my hair so well. 

So I have come to the conclusion that sharing my tips, tricks and knowledge with everyone would be best written down with pictures for visual demonstrations. 

Since my good hair days usually begin with a good “wash day” (the day I use to wash, condition and style my hair) I will now begin to do weekly wash day breakdowns and I’ll start with this week’s wash day.

STEP 1: I usually start by detangling my hair with my diy water and aloe vera juice mix and an oil or conditioner. This week I used the Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Tingle Rinse out conditioner due to its great slippery consistency which allows me to detailed my hair with my fingers. Finger detailing usually allows me to work through my hair with minimal breakage, especially now that I’m facing some post-partum hair shedding. When detailing I section my hair into 6 or 7 twists due to its length and to keep the detangled hair from tangling again.

STEP 2: I rinse my hair with warm (slightly hot) water to begin the cleansing process. I keep the hair in the 6 or 7 sections I created from the previous step. I then proceed with washing my hair with my shampoo of choice. This week I used the Mahogany Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. Usually one round of shampooo is enough for me but since the conditioner I used to detangled has some silicone in it and the shampoo I used doesn’t lather, I washed my hair twice 

STEP 3: I usually dry my hair with an old cotton shirt but since it was out of my reach I used a towel. I used the towel to lightly and gently dry my hair until it was damp and no longer soaking wet.

STEP 4: I went through the sections to untwist and re-twist my hair as I smoothed the Mahogany Naturals Brazilian Butter deep conditioner into it from root to tip but really concentrating on the ends of my hair. I then placed a shower cap on my hair. The instructions of the conditioner say to keep it in for 45 minutes but I kept it in over night.

STEP 5: The following morning I rinsed out the conditioner and used a towel to once again slightly dry my hair and then allowed my hair to air dry

Freshly air dried hair

STEP 6: I twisted my hair into small sections using the Mahogany Naturals Daily Moisturising Spray as a leave in conditioner, the Keracare Butter Cream mosituriser to smooth through the hair to style and set the twists and to lock in the moisture and I finished by applying Shea Moisture’s Shea Butter Reconstructive Elixir Oil to seal in the moisture and give my hair a nice shine.

Nice juicey twists

STEP 7 (OPTIONAL): You can leave the twists in for as long as you like as this will usually help to retain moisture, length and lower the rate of manipulation to your hair. I usually leave my twists in for 1-2 weeks, however sometimes I leave the twists in for only a day or two and then unravel the twists to create a fluffy twists out and smooth it into a puff. 

The hair gets fluffier as the days go by.

I will most likely wash my hair again for the weekend to restyle it a as I prefer to start my style sessions with freshly washed hair. 


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