5 Tips to make your Twist Out great!

If you’re anything like me then you’re awesome to say the least. Besides that, you may have fine type 4 hair that you need to apply water to your hair every couple of days to keep your hair moisturised and your shrinkage from all that hydration makes keeping your hair in your favourite stretched out style near impossible. You may also want a smooth twist out that gives you volume and lasts at least 5 days before you consider your next wash day.

Here are a few tips that are helping me maintain all of the above:

1.)   It all starts on wash day

I know with my hair, when I want to achieve great styling results it starts from wash day. Especially since the more I moisturise my hair throughout the week my hair shrinks up and kills my style and deposits a lot of build up leaving my hair sticky and dry depending on the kind of leave in moisturisers I’ve used. Ensuring your hair is detangled properly, washed properly and deep conditioned properly (properly meaning whatever is best for you and your hair and its health) you are bound to be able to stretch a style for anything from a week to a month before having to wash it again.

2.)   Choose your styling products wisely

For me I know that if I want to use glycerine heavy products it needs to be on freshly washed hair and they usually leave my hair silky smooth for days, so dry styling is out of the question. For me, my hair will do well with a good leave in conditioner and one other styling product like Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie or my Shea Butter Whip and then finished off by scrunching either Argan Oil or Coconut oil through the finished look and on the days following to keep my hair soft and shiny. Also, keeping a spray bottle of water handy while twisting or braiding my hair ensures my hair sets smooth and stays well moisturised.

3.)   Dry your hair thoroughly

A completely dry set of twists or braids last longer when unravelled than twists that are half dry. Whether you sit under a dryer or air dry throughout the day or overnight, making sure that your hair is as dry as it will possibly be without inconveniencing your time or style will keep your styling looking good for longer. It will also ensure that your definition is popping and the shine your products promise you lasts its longest.

4.)   Keep your hands out of your hair

What has killed many a perfectly good twist out for me was unravelling them too much or just playing in my hair and causing frizz and dryness. When you keep your hands in your hair you rob your hair of its moisture and carry the product in your hair away with it. Although I still struggle with this one since I just love my hair and can’t help but show public displays of affection by caressing it at any given opportunity, I will say that I’m becoming more aware of my habit and I’m trying harder to stop. The same reason you wear a silk scarf or satin bonnet on your hair at night is the same reason you should keep your hands out of your hair. Point, period, blank!

5.)   Choose your daily moisturises wisely!

I know that the products I use on wash day won’t give the same results on dry hair. They tend to leave my hair feeling sticky and weird and make me have to wash my hair all over again. In order to keep my hair style intact I smooth my hair with Argan Oil or Coconut oil. If you know a product doesn’t give the same effect after wash day there’s no sense hoping and wishing that something will change, just use the product that will best keep your hair style intact.

What techniques are essential in your hair styling routine?


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