Monday Motivation: Identifying your Fear

I love reading motivational blog posts, most especially from Nadege of Bella Mocha. She is actually one of inspirations behind the vision I have for myself career wise. her blog posts always get me thinking of things in a new way, whether it is working out, eating right or getting my skin, hair and make up on point. She’s my go to blogger. 
Recently she posted about fear of failure and dissecting that that really means. it got me thinking about my own goals and what my fears are. Since coming to the realisation that one of my greatest fears is letting people down, I’ve also realised that more specifically I fear doing what I want to do to the detriment of the people around me that want me to do what they want me to do. It’s funny as I think back to my life a year ago and how I could so easily let go of my own dreams and vision to allow my loved ones to write their own story of what my life should be. Now, as a mother and a wife I have a renewed sense of purpose and all the dreams, desires, vision, gifts and talents I’ve always known I have had a being reawakened. 

You see, when you really dissect and identify your fears they become easier to overcome. Aside from that major fear, I know that I also have this inexplicable fear of success based upon my career, leadership, and walking in my purpose. I don’t fear that I don’t have what it takes to be all that I can be or that I may fail at something, I’m actually confident that I have what it takes. I know this because I’ve always known that God has set me apart to do great things. I’ve envisioned myself in great places, however I’ve realised that the common thread of self sabotage that has stopped me from being the best I can from as far back as primary school up until now has been my fear of creating too much success for myself at any one time and therefore resulting in way too much unnecessary attention. 

What I thought was shyness as a child was just me not wanting the spotlight on me. However, despite me not wanting attention, my ability to quietly project a great version of myself has caused me to still be set apart and thrust into leadership at every stage of my life. from being head girl in primary school to being in management at work. 

Now that I recognise these things, I also recognises that to take things to the next level I need to consistently do the tasks that will take me closer to me desired goal step by step rather than in one big whirlwind. this may be great for some but for me I’ve always felt slow and steady wins the race. As the saying goes,  “it takes 10 years for one to be an overnight success.” of course I plan to do it in a shorter time span. 

Instead of being content with having a fear of failure, why not dissect your fears, really break them down to be a leave to give yourself tasks or an action plan to overcoming and tackling these fears. 


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