The Quest for Healthy Glowing Skin

I think my skincare has been pretty good for the past 5-6 years. With working for Lush Cosmetics,  Mary Kay and Neal’s Yard Remedies it’s really helped me stay on top of my skincare routine. Especially with the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained throughout the course of working in the beauty industry. I’ve done everything from all natural skincare, diy treatments to scientific based skin goodness. Now, having taken care of most of my teenage skin problems, I’m focused on having glowing, radiant,  smooth, soft, supple, wrinkle free skin.

Knowing what I know, I know the answer is in drinking more water, eating healthy, living stress free and exercising more. Being a first time mum, sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to check off all the boxes and i’d rather indulge in all my favourite non-nutritional value snacks in my spare time. However,  anything worst having is worth working hard and sacrificing for. 

So, here I am ready to get my glow on.

At the moment I’m focusing on masks. They’re the easiest way to feel like I’m pampering myself without going to the spa and reaching my goal by giving my skin a boost once a week. I’ve always loved fresh masks so Lush Cosmetics had always been my go to (I’m currently enjoying the Don’t Look at me face mask), but now I’ve become fascinated by Korean Sheet Masks. Before jumping in head first into the sea of sheet masks, I’ve decided to start with the new Garner Moisture Boost Sheet Mask. 

I’m looking forward to experienced he serum like, one week of hydrated skin results the mask boasts and I’ll definitely share my personal experience.

I’ve also recently picked up a nose mask, hydrating under eye patches and a pore cleansing sheet mask all courtesy of Superdrug. Once again I’ll be sharing my results. 

What are some of your favourite, surefire skin glowing treats and tips?


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