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Small Actions for Big Results

This past weekend I decided to attend an event held by Tress Free (a service that makes booking beauty services a breeze). It was their first live event and after finding out about it via Instagram only 24 hours prior, I decided that it would be a great way for me to get started with my 2017 manifestations of success. 

The event had a beauty panel that consisted of YouTube Beauty blogger Lizzie LovesPremae Skincare CEO Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, The MUA Hub Creative Director Patricia Odje and Hairstylist and owner of Latenda Hair Salon, Latenda Kalimba and hosted by Journalist Shannon Wright who writes for Closer and Marie Clare.

Throughout the course of the panel and Q&A session there were so many gems dropped by these successful ladies. Such as a great tip from Clare Anyiam-Osigwe on how reading books is a great way to be mentored and rereading books yearly because as we grow and change, our perspective grows and changes and we find new meanings to the things we’ve read. (She recommends Mastery and Think and Grow Rich, both books I have and will be reading in the coming months.)

There was also a question asked about being shy and going to networking events in which the ladies all chimed in to collectively state that it’s best to feel the fear and just do it anyway which was followed by a great book recommendation (Feel the Fear and do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers). It was also advised to go with a goal in mind of how many people you want to talk to and what you want to get out of those connections. It was also stated that networking is easier than we make it out to be as people are usually easier to talk to than we believe.

A great point that stood out to me came from the answer to the question of what to do to get oneself out there and how to be more consistent especially since entrepreneurial endeavours can be a bit of a roller coaster ride with everyday not always yielding the same results. Lizzie mentioned how in order for her to see the results she has, she had to post at least 3 Instagram posts a day for a year while consistently creating YouTube content (Lizzie has 21k followers of Instagram and 90k subscribers on Youtube). After the panel I even pulled the host aside to ask for advice on how to make myself more visible as a writer to which Shannon advised to post at least 3 blog posts a week.

I decided to implement these tips immediately, only to realise I had already started doing some of the advised points towards the end of 2016 which I have continued to do. 

I posted some pictures on Instagram to say how much I enjoyed the event and couldn’t wait to try the products I purchased while there.  I also followed the people I networked with on social media straight away all sound kept the line of communication open by tagging them in the pictures and replying to comments and tweeting. Immediately I saw the results of this as it generated conversations the required my expertise both online and offline.
I was able to experience first hand the sometimes immediate effect of how small actions can give you big results. 

Other actions that produce results in the long term are things like reading a chapter a day of a book that could help you in your professional and emotional life. During the end of 2016 I started reading at least one chapter of my Bible every morning and followed with mediation and prayer. In just this short space of time I can see how it has helped me to have a positive outlook on my goals and life in general and I’m encouraged to continue to do this as I know by the end of the year I’ll be a more evolved and enlightened human being. I have also devoted my time to reading a different book every month to broaden my knowledge of the things I’m passionate about.

Even when I thought of my decison to go to the event, it was a direct effect of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Although I knew I would have to take my 7 month old excitable and often babling daughter with me I wasn’t going to allow myself to miss out on this opportunity to get started on one of my 2017 manifestations to network more and build connections with influencers I admire and those doing what I essentially want to do. I told myself that even if my daughter cries or makes noise I wouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed but just quietly and calmly take her to a space to calm her down. Only to get to the event and have my daughter be a star in her own right and have so many people smiling and ogling over her.

I had already decided that even if I just speak to one person I will build a connection that goes beyond the event. I built up the courage to ask questions during the networking portion of the event and it yielded immediate results as I was able to engage with people I met at the event through social media.

As we start a new week, I plan to continue in what I have learnt and found to be effective. I’m going to commit myself to taking small steps towards my big picture.

What small Actions would help you add to you achieving your big goals this week?


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