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Wash and Go Life: A Midas Naturals/Brazen Curls Review

Recently I’ve taken a big interest in purchasing products made by people of colour catering to the needs and interests of people of colour, especially health and beauty products. 

After hearing nothing but good things about Nigerian owned, hand made beauty brand Midas Naturals, I decided to give a few products a try during their Black Friday Sale. 

The brand’s owner and founder, Dr. Somi Dokpesi-Igbene (PhD), is a research scientist and medical writer whose passion for all things natural led her to create all natural skin care and hair care. The hair care falls under the Brazen Curls product line which caters to the needs of kinky, coily textures in need of moisture and restoration to produce overall healthy strands. 

I purchased the Brazen Curls Detangling Cowash (which I’d been itching to try for around a year now), the Brazen curls Moisture Masque, the Brazen Curls Moisturising Shampoo, the Brazen Curls Leave in Conditioner, the Brazen curls Nourish and Grow Elixir and the Midas Naturals Skin Brightening Oil blend.

The products are effectively formulated using nutritious raw ingredients such as Banana, Avocado Oil, Bamboo extract and Kiwi Seed Oil.

My current Wash and Go staples

I have been enjoying wearing my hair in wash and go styles as I’ve been working out 3-5 days a week and sweating buckets, meaning I end up washing my hair twice a week. I’ve been using the shampoo, cowash, leave in conditioner and moisture masque religiously for the past 3 weeks and I’m loving the results.
For me a sulfate free shampoo is a sulfate free shampoo, it serves it’s purpose of cleansing my hair and removing build up from my hair and scalp. So the moisturising shampoo for me was just as good as any other I’ve tried. Cleansed well and left my hair feeling squeaky clean but still soft and hydrated. I use this once a week or once every two weeks just to give my hair a thorough cleanse.

Shampoo Ingredients

This cowash is bliss. It’s so Light and smooths unto the hair easy like butter

Cowash ingredients

What really made a difference for me was the cowash. I’ve been finger detangling in the shower while my hair is wet and saturated with conditioner for the past month. This cowash made detangling a breeze, left my hair super moisturised and even doubled up as as deep conditioner some days. I will definitely repurchase it. 

The moisture masque looks just like the cowash but it’s thicker

Moisture Masque Ingredients

The moisture masque is lovely and thick and creamy.  The first time I used it I sat under my hooded dryer for 25 minutes as instructed by the label and my hair felt great. Since then, when I use it, I just cover my hair with a plastic cap or bag and keep it in for a few hours while I get things done around the house and I’m just as pleased with the results as I am when I used it with heat. 

Leave in Conditoner Ingredients

Now when it comes to the leave in conditioner, the label says use it on hair that is 80-90% dry. However I have been using it in soaking wet hair before applying my Eco Styler Gel to set and hold my Wash and Go and I love the results.  The leave in conditioner leaves my hair silky smooth, doesn’t flake and it works perfectly with the gel. 

My most recent wash and go. This is day 3 hair.

Being that wash and goes are my go to style for now I’m super pleased that these products give me great results. The products have a clean, fresh fragrance that I can’t quite explain. On first smell I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but once in my hair ir smelt gorgeous and I love the smell now. The stand outs for me are the leave in conditioner and the cowash. I can definitely see these being staple products in my hair care routine. 


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