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The Hair: What’s been going on

…I cut my hair again.

You don’t have to say it, I know. I was meant to be growing it out but the way my recent pregnancy was set up my scalp was a dry itchy mess and my hair was shedding and breaking like crazy. I had a good routine going to maintain my hair’s health but between trying to sort my hair out, looking after my daughter’s hair and being really tired during the pregnancy, something had to give and I chose to lose my hair. Also I gave in to my love for the manageability and beautiful style of short hair with a cute shape and I decided to cut it into a tapered cut.

Now, I’m ready to let it grow out but not in the usual ‘ultimate black girls can grow their hair to calf length goals’ way. Having been wearing my hair in its natural state for the past 5 years I have more knowledge and understanding of the type 4 kinky coily hair on my head and I have been able to pin point the practices and techniques that have allowed my hair to flourish. Not only that but I also know that my hair tends to get a bit out of control when it passes neck/shoulder length. I get more single strand knots and my hair gets drier. At this point I now know that my hair needs a new routine to maintain it but i usually also tend to get fed up with my hair and this is when I decide to cut it. So with that being said, my hair length goals are to grow my hair back to neck length and to maintain a bob style and enjoy my hair in that length before I decide what’s next.

At the moment my hair is still in a short tapered style but it has grown out from its originally cut. In fact, the original cut (which I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of) had a lot of length on the top with very low sides. A few weeks after that cut I decided to go to the barbers to get it cut lower and evened out into a faded taper.

As I grow my hair out I have gone back to some of the practices I started my healthy natural hair journey with, such as using Henna and saturating my hair with oils and I’ve extended into experimenting with ayurvedic hair care. In my next post I’ll share my current hair routine and weekly practices.


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