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My Current Hair Care Routine

As I’m currently growing my hair out from a tapered TWA to a shoulder length bob, I’m being very diligent and intentional about how I care for my hair. I’m also focusing on enjoying my hair while still keeping it healthy and being mindful of styling techniques. Instead of being too tunnel vision on my hair goals that I don’t enjoy my hair, I’d rather enjoy my hair at every stage as it grows into my next desired length.

I’ll be keeping up with trims to maintain the tapered shape of my hair and hopefully I’ll be taking a trip to a hair salon to get my hair silk pressed and trimmed before Christmas. This will be a way for me to start the new year with neat ends to be able to monitor how well I retain length and minimise damage, splits and single strand knots to my hair while incorporating more oils and ayurvedic practices with my routine.

For me, good hair starts on wash day and i usually wash and condition my hair every 3-5 days as its still short and easier to keep my hair moisturised that way. Also since my hair is still in a short tapered cut, all I do is wash and go’s every wash day.

Pre-shampoo Treatment – I try my best to saturate my hair with olive oil before washing it. I heat up the oil and then massage it through my hair and my scalp. I then cover my hair with a plastic cap and my heat cap and leave it for 30 mins to an hour or throughout the day or night until I’m ready to wash my hair.

Wash – I use the Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo. I always saturate my hair with water thoroughly and then lather the shampoo into my scalp and hair and take time to massage my scalp to lift any build up and dirt. I rinse and then repeat. I use my denman shampoo brush to massage my scalp during the second lather and detangle my hair.

Condition – After rinsing all the shampoo out of my hair I saturate conditioner into my hair. I alternate between the Kercare Intensive Restorative Masque, Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Masque (both of which i leave in my hair for 30 minutes while I cover my hair with a plastic cap and my Hot Head Conditioning Cap) or I use the Carol’s Daughter Monoi Conditoner or the Oyin Honey Dew Detangling Conditioner (which I leave in my hair for duration of my shower after shampooing my hair and rinse before getting out).

Oil Rinse – Once my conditioner is completely rinsed out of my hair I saturate my hair with an oil of my choice. I’m currently experimenting with Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed Oil. I’ve been using them individually to see which gives me the best results (I’ll do a seperate post on oil rinsing and what I’ve found so far). I usually leave the oil in my hair for 30 mins under my heat cap once again and then rinse it out

LCO Method –  Instead of the LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method that is used to lock in moisture in ones hair, I find that using cream before the oil is a more effective method of keeping my hair moisturised for an extended period of time. I use my Kercare Naturals Leave in Conditoner and follow with Keracare Naturals Buttercream and seal with Oilve Oil or my personalised hair oil blend inspired by Curly Proverbz Super Growth Ayurveda Oil.

Style – I finish with a defining gel to keep my coils poppin. At the moment I’m using KeraCare Naturals Defining Custard


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