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Hair Colour Inspiration: Rose Gold

There’s no better time than the changing of seasons to decide to switch things up, whether it be your wardrobe, your interior house designs or your hair. Although Autumn and Winter tend to call for more darker red, auburn, brown and black shades I’m still in love with the Rose Gold trend. Rose Gold has always been the most complimentary shade of jewelry for me and I’m definitely itching to try it on me hair.

Since I’m still focusing on the health of my hair as I grow it out, I am leaning more towards going for this colour transformation around April 2018 as I think by then my hair would have grown more into my desired length. Also it will be my birthday month and a nice treat for myself. My only dilemma while scouring the net for some inspiration is I haven’t really seen any kinky textured type 4 hair with rose gold in it. However, that hasn’t deterred me and amongst the plethora of rose gold shades here are a few that I will be taking with me to the hair salon when I decide to transform my hair.





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